• 1950

    Founding Our first president, Shichiro Tominaga, start a produce collection business in Shichi,
    Mihara-cho, Mihara-gun, Hyogo Prefecture.

  • 1959

    Started working with Shufu no Mise Co., Ltd. (now The Daiei, Inc.), which had six stores at the time.

  • 1966

    Showa Reizo Co., Ltd. established.

    First company in Japan to import onions from New Zealand.

  • 1968

    Incorporation With incorporation, the company relocated to Enamikoenami, Minamiawaji (address of the current Tominaga Holdings).

  • 1981

    Started importing pumpkins from New Zealand.

    Opened Kobe Office

  • 1984

    Previous President Appointed Toshimitsu Tominaga (current Chairman) appointed president.

    Opened Kobe Branch (Uozaki Distribution Center)

  • 1987

    Started growing domestic varieties of onions in New Zealand and importing them.

    First shipment of pumpkins from South Korea.

  • 1988

    With the death of the first president, Mitsue Tominaga becomes chairwoman.

  • 1994
    Started growing Tominaga No. 6 onion cultivator, an Awaji variety, in China and importing them.
  • 1999

    Started importing vegetables jointly with the New Caledonia government.

    The amount of onions handled annually exceeds 40,000 tonnes.

  • 2004

    Gained the top share in imported pumpkins.

    Opened Port Island Branch (current Kobe P.I. South Distribution Center)

  • 2005

    Opened Port Island North Branch (current Kobe P.I. North Distribution Center)

    Imports of pumpkins exceed 50,000 tonnes in total over the season.

  • 2006

    Established Plus Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • 2007

    Established CR TRADE (Tominaga HD Group) and started imports of pumpkins in South Korea.

    Gained the top share in imported pumpkins in South Korea.

  • 2010

    Established Yokohama Distribution Center

  • 2012

    Relocated Kobe Branch to Port Island (current Tominaga Shoji Head Office).

  • 2014

    President Appointed Hiroshi Tominaga (current president) appointed as third president.

  • 2015

    Established an office in Tomakomai, Hokkaido.

  • 2018

    Started onion businesses in Chiba (Katori, Tako, Tsubuura), and established a processing plant.

  • 2019

    Obtained stock in FCTE (New Caledonia).

    Started exports to the Asian region (Hong Kong, South Korea, China).

  • 2020

    Started banana and avocado businesses.

    HD System Migrated Tominaga Shoji Group to a holdings system (August).

    Established Tominaga Shoji Head Office in Port Island (August).

Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure

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