VisionOur Ideal

Tominaga is a Japanese company that brings better producers together with more consumers.
Our entire team works as one for our noble cause of emphasizing low-cost management and directly connecting production and consumption in the shortest way possible, spreading the cycle of everybody winning throughout the world.
This will allow us to achieve high sales and revenue growth, and become a global grocer.

MissionWhat We Need to Achieve

Contributing to the greater happiness of a greater number of people as a leader in the food world.

ValueStaff Action Principles

  • Sell with sincerity even 1 case
  • Do not spoil by even 1 percent
  • Cut costs by even 1 yen
  • Act faster by even 1 minute
  • Understand the enjoyment and nobility of work
    done for 1 lifetime

President's Message

CEOHiroshi Tominaga

Since our founding in 1950, as a leader in the food world, we have expanded our business from the starting-point of valuing both producers and consumers.
Today, as climate change on a global scale, and the drying up of water or other resources, threatens the planet, the decline of farming will eventually lead to serious food issues.
We will continue our support of as many producers as possible, making all sorts of issues better through distribution reform while always keeping an eye on the industry.
And by continuing to tackle challenges and adapt to suit the changing times while valuing our relationships with our business partners.
The entire Group shall engage diligently in our business activities based on the idea that constant engagement in these activities is what we exist for, and will help contribute to society.
My wish is that we can continue to deliver "seasonality" to everyone, enriching the future of farming, food, and people.
We look forward to your continued support.

Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure

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